Why Unleashed?

  • Our K9 grass is engineered and designed just for dogs.

  • Ahhh, nothing refreshes our guests quicker than a splash in our bone shaped pool.

  • No metal cages or kennels. Our suites are all glass.

  • Our packages and discounts are aimed to keep our guests coming back at an affordable rate.

  • Unleashed offers the space of an outdoor park but in a climate-controlled building.

  • EVERY dog deserves proper care. No matter the breed or temperament, your dog is welcome at Unleashed.

  • We offer both forms of daycare to suit every dog’s needs.

  • In a hurry? Stay in your car and let us do our job.

  • We believe if it’s not suitable for people, it’s not suitable for dogs.

  • Professional Grooming

    Our groomers have 15 years experience and are available by appointment or at the conclusion of your dog’s visit.

  • We encourage our clients to peek in on their dogs throughout the day and experience a day at Unleashed while checking on their dog.

  • Our staff complete a rigorous training program to ensure they can handle any and all situations they may encounter at Unleashed.

Monthly Archives: August 2019

Help Your Dog Beat the Summer Heat

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Positive Reinforcement Training Tips

Raise your hand if you’ve ever had a dog (or currently do) that exhibits behavior you wish could be corrected… Things like chewing inappropriate objects, barking at the doorbell, begging at the table, or even going potty in the house are all easily fixable with the proper training. Below are a few of our positive reinforcement training tips. Often, it’s Read More…