Why Unleashed?

  • All Grass

    Our K9 grass is engineered and designed just for dogs.

  • Pool

    Ahhh, nothing refreshes our guests quicker than a splash in our bone shaped pool.

  • Cage Free

    No metal cages or kennels. Our suites are all glass.

  • Save

    Our packages and discounts are aimed to keep our guests coming back at an affordable rate.

  • Indoor Park

    Unleashed offers the space of an outdoor park but in a climate-controlled building.

  • All Dogs Welcome

    EVERY dog deserves proper care. No matter the breed or temperament, your dog is welcome at Unleashed.

  • Traditional & Non

    We offer both forms of daycare to suit every dog’s needs.

  • Drive Thru

    In a hurry? Stay in your car and let us do our job.

  • Dogs are People Too!

    We believe if it’s not suitable for people, it’s not suitable for dogs.

  • Professional Grooming

    Our groomers have 15 years experience and are available by appointment or at the conclusion of your dog’s visit.

  • Webcams

    We encourage our clients to peek in on their dogs throughout the day and experience a day at Unleashed while checking on their dog.

  • Trained Staff

    Our staff complete a rigorous training program to ensure they can handle any and all situations they may encounter at Unleashed.

Tips for Winter Hiking With Your Dog

Two dogs with their owner on a hike. each of them have winter jackets and water. The dog on the left is kissing it's owner.

Be on the Lookout for Lakes and Streams

While hiking, especially during the winter it’s important that you keep a vigilant eye out for potential hazards. Things like frozen lakes and streams can be more dangerous than you might think. Unfortunately, dogs can’t analyze these types of hazards the way we can. Partially frozen lakes and streams to a dog can be seen as just another surface they can explore and romp around on.

While we all know the potential dangers of falling in, your dog is not aware of this. To help combat these dangers you should do your due diligence before your hike. Things like looking at the hiking trail online, reading about it, and understanding what to expect from an environmental aspect will help prevent anything like that from happening.

A small Golden Retriever puppy with a winter flannel jacket and hat.

Have a Go to Doggy Jacket

If you plan on hiking or walking your dog this winter you should look into investing into your dog’s new go to winter jacket! For those of us that don’t have winter breeds (Huskies, Bernese Mountain Dogs, Alaskan Malamutes, and Newfoundland’s etc..) dog jackets are great for wind breaking, trudging through the snow, and stopping those snow/ice clumps from forming on the belly and chest. Your pup will appreciate it and thank you!

A little dog jumping through the snow with his winter boots on.

Protect the Paws

You may have seen the funny dog videos of them walking funny with their new booties, but they really do help during the winter. Walking on hard snow or ice can cut and damage their paws, your dog will be having too much fun to alert you to the pain or discomfort they might be enduring without them.

You can look into mushers wax as well if you two are avid winter hikers. Mushers wax is an invisible boot for dogs, made of dense, barrier wax that forms a breathable bond with your dog’s paws.

Two little white dogs on a winter hike with their owner, looking to get some water.

Keep the Liquids Flowing

While melted snow does turn to water you, and your dog should avoid eating it to quench thirst. Eating it can actually lead to further dehydration due to the process your body has to go through to heat and melt it. Another concern with eating snow is you never know what kind of harmful bacteria might be in it that could cause harm to your dog, and yourself.

As you prepare for a winter hike you should carry plenty of drinking water with you, enough for both you and your dog. Allowing your dog to drink from partially frozen lakes and streams is dangerous and should be avoided. You never truly know how sturdy the surrounding snow and ice is. Potential to fall through is always a possibility that should be avoided at all times while winter hiking with your dog.

Several dogs at Unleashed Dog Hotel Trying to get a toy form the pool.

Alternative Exercise Methods During the Winter

Unleashed Dog Hotel offers not only overnight boarding (which includes plenty of play, exercise, and socialization time) but also a daycare option that allows for daytime stay with all of the amenities above, too. Whether you need a sitter while you’re at work, running errands, or have family in town we have you covered for any amount of time.

What’s better than picking up a happy and tired pup from daycare? Picking up your dog after a bath, nail trim, and grooming! Unleashed Dog Hotel offers exceptional dog grooming and A La Carte options, the perfect pick me up after an enjoyable stay.