Why Unleashed?

  • All Grass

    Our K9 grass is engineered and designed just for dogs.

  • Pool

    Ahhh, nothing refreshes our guests quicker than a splash in our bone shaped pool.

  • Cage Free

    No metal cages or kennels. Our suites are all glass.

  • Save

    Our packages and discounts are aimed to keep our guests coming back at an affordable rate.

  • Indoor Park

    Unleashed offers the space of an outdoor park but in a climate-controlled building.

  • All Dogs Welcome

    EVERY dog deserves proper care. No matter the breed or temperament, your dog is welcome at Unleashed.

  • Traditional & Non

    We offer both forms of daycare to suit every dog’s needs.

  • Drive Thru

    In a hurry? Stay in your car and let us do our job.

  • Dogs are People Too!

    We believe if it’s not suitable for people, it’s not suitable for dogs.

  • Professional Grooming

    Our groomers have 15 years experience and are available by appointment or at the conclusion of your dog’s visit.

  • Webcams

    We encourage our clients to peek in on their dogs throughout the day and experience a day at Unleashed while checking on their dog.

  • Trained Staff

    Our staff complete a rigorous training program to ensure they can handle any and all situations they may encounter at Unleashed.

Help Your Dog Beat the Summer Heat

Summer is in full effect and temperatures in the Salt Lake area are reaching the mid 90’s. And as the good pup parent you are you want to do everything you can to help keep your dog cool and happy. As they play outside its important that you understand the symptoms of a heatstroke, tips to keep your dog cool, breeds that do the best in high heat climates, and if you should shave your dog or not during the summer months. All things that can help your dog beat the summer heat.

Must Know Tips to Keep Your Dog Cool

  • Offer plenty of fresh, cool water throughout the day.
  • Incorporate activities that include playing with water.
  • Avoid the hottest parts of the day (about 3pm when the sun is closest to the Earth.)
  • Never leave your dog in a parked car.
  • Never fully shave your dog.

Best Hot Weather Dog Breeds

German Shorthaired Pointer
American Water Spaniel
Great Dane
Border Collie
Australian Cattle Dog

Know the Signs of a Heatstroke

With proper knowledge it’s easy to take preventative actions against overheating. However, owners do make mistakes so its important to be able to identify the symptoms of a heatstroke in your dog and the necessary actions you should take if your dog does experience one.

Some symptoms include your dog being unable or unwilling to move around, drooling, reddened gums, vomiting, diarrhea, mental dullness, loss of consciousness, uncoordinated movement, and in some cases a collapse.

Immediate Care

Ideally you should put your dog in a cool bath with their head elevated and out of the water. If you are unable to bathe them, you can get the garden hose and wet your dog but make sure the hot water leaves the hose first. Another option is to wet a towel and place it on their back and continue to submerge/ wet the towel as it warms. Allow your dog to drink as much cool water as they want if it’s not forced and remember if you feel it is necessary you should call your vet and let them know you’re on your way.

To Shave or Not to Shave Your Dog

Fur coats provide cooling and work as insulation, keeping dogs from overheating during the summer and from getting too cold during the winter. Shaving all their fur off is detrimental to their well being as it can lead to sunburn, skin cancer, discomfort, and overheating. With that being said, it is okay to give your dog a summer cut but is best to leave that to a professional groomer. Here at Unleashed we have fantastic grooming options to make your dog look good and feel even better. You can find these services on our website under the “Salon & Spa” tab. Remember to never shave down to the skin or try to cut the fur yourself with scissors. Hopefully theses tips help you and your dog(s) beat the summer heat.