Why Unleashed?

  • All Grass

    Our K9 grass is engineered and designed just for dogs.

  • Pool

    Ahhh, nothing refreshes our guests quicker than a splash in our bone shaped pool.

  • Cage Free

    No metal cages or kennels. Our suites are all glass.

  • Save

    Our packages and discounts are aimed to keep our guests coming back at an affordable rate.

  • Indoor Park

    Unleashed offers the space of an outdoor park but in a climate-controlled building.

  • All Dogs Welcome

    EVERY dog deserves proper care. No matter the breed or temperament, your dog is welcome at Unleashed.

  • Traditional & Non

    We offer both forms of daycare to suit every dog’s needs.

  • Drive Thru

    In a hurry? Stay in your car and let us do our job.

  • Dogs are People Too!

    We believe if it’s not suitable for people, it’s not suitable for dogs.

  • Professional Grooming

    Our groomers have 15 years experience and are available by appointment or at the conclusion of your dog’s visit.

  • Webcams

    We encourage our clients to peek in on their dogs throughout the day and experience a day at Unleashed while checking on their dog.

  • Trained Staff

    Our staff complete a rigorous training program to ensure they can handle any and all situations they may encounter at Unleashed.

Why Swimming Is Great for Your Dog

Salt Lake City’s versatile mountainous terrain allows for endless exercise and activity for you and your dog. The city offers hiking in the mountains, visiting countless dog friendly parks, or even attending local dog-based events such as Strut Your Mutt. There are many benefits to swimming and hydrotherapy for your dog.

Unfortunately, not all dogs are able to participate in these high impact activities… Injuries, old age, and orthopedic or neurological damage can limit the amount of exercise and mental stimulation your dogs are able to experience and enjoy. The winter months force the trails to shut down and temperatures get too cold for extensive exercise. The proper solution to this is hydrotherapy (the therapeutic use of water.) Our 3,000 Sq Ft aquatic center is climate controlled and perfect for all dog types.

What Are the Benefits?

The two obvious benefits for dogs who swim is exercise and mental stimulation. It allows for dogs to channel all their built-up stress, energy, and boredom into a healthy and safe exercise option.

Swimming offers dogs with orthopedic and neurological injuries to stay both mentally and physically healthy all year-round. Dogs with joint pain, arthritis, and other chronic ailments can get a full-body workout. Water exercise does not put pressure on joints and bones or intense impact on their body like running does.

Numerous dog parents enjoy taking their dogs to hydrotherapy. Hydrotherapy allows the water to relax and stimulate the dog’s circulatory, nervous, respiratory, and digestive systems. When in hydrotherapy, water decreases inflammation in both muscles and bones. It can increase blood flow, and even helps boost your dog’s immune system. These are just a couple benefits to swimming for them.

Swim at Unleashed

Our indoor aquatic center offers ample space (3,000 sq ft) for dogs to exercise and soak. It’s very shallow on each end for those that prefer to simply splash around. Yet, deep enough in the center for those that prefer to swim. We have highly trained staff that act as “lifeguards” to oversee and lookout for each individual swimmer. Curious to see how much fun your four-legged friend is having at the pool? Visit our LIVE webcams anytime to watch and check in on your dog.